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Arthur Rank Hospice Charity’s Amazon Wish List

When the temperatures took a dip earlier this year, Dr Jenny Huguet, one of the Consultant Doctors at Arthur Rank Hospice, requested more blankets to help keep patients toasty and warm. That weekend a “We need … nice NEW fluffy blankets!!” social media post was shared on Facebook resulting in an incredible response. Later that day more than 13 people had donated over 60 blankets, which arrived the next week and were soon put to good use!

After such an amazing response to the appeal, it was suggested that the Hospice could put together an Amazon Wish List. The idea was already in the pipeline and has since been launched, this summer. Head of PR & Communications, Dawn Easby, explains:

“We have some much-needed every-day items which can be bought by supporters to help bring down our overall Hospice expenditure. Our Amazon Wish List includes everything from moisturising lotion for patients’ bedrooms and scrubs for clinical colleagues, to hand putty for stress relief and audio recorders for life celebration activities. Visit our website and search for Amazon Wish List to find out more.”

Another great way to make an impact and ensure front-line care can be sustained, is to set up a small monthly gift. If you would like to find out more about this, you can email fundraising@arhc.org.uk or visit arhc.org.uk/donate selecting how frequently you would like to give.

Since the pandemic life has become more difficult for everyone. It also had a huge impact on the fundraising activities and potential of the Charity. Funds are stretched now more than ever, so any act of kindness, large or small, is gratefully received. It is thanks to the generous local community giving what they can afford, or taking part in fundraising activities, that the Hospice continues to deliver its outstanding care.

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