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Ron’s Allotment Suggestions

November is here already!

So what to do out there as the ground gets firmer and days shorten? Well if you still have Beetroot’s try not to let them get too big. I’ve found you can keep them longer in damp compost.

If you fancy some winter lettuce ‘Webb’s Wonderful’ is a fantastic variety and undercover it grows surprisingly quickly.

If you have any Celariac, leave them a little longer in ground then when ready pick and store them just like beetroot. If you have any red cabbage I normally leave them a little longer to firm up and don’t forget to check your Leeks and earth them if necessary.

If you fancy something different, make a little space and try growing flowers. Chrysanthemums are great because each year around this time they will give a lovely display. You can then cut them back to the ground and separate the roots in the Spring. You’ll get a great October/ November display year after year then!

Now is the time to harvest and store any pumpkins for Halloween and I always leave most of my sunflower heads to help feed the birds over the coming winter. (keep a few to sow for next years display).

Finally, November is not a bad time to try growing radishes. Many varieties grow quickly and you should get a crop before the winter takes hold.

Happy growing!

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